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Viavi Solutions Inc.
Chandler, AZ, United States (on-site)
3 days ago
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Viavi Solutions Inc.
Chandler, Arizona, United States (on-site)
3 days ago



Performs electrical or mechanical troubleshooting to determine problems in non-functioning electro-mechanical equipment used in the manufacturing process. Dismantles, adjusts, repairs and assembles equipment according to layout plans, blueprints, operating or repair manuals, rough sketches or drawings. Uses test and diagnostic equipment to perform checkouts. Rebuilds manufacturing equipment as required. May perform equipment modifications as directed by manufacturing engineers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) has a 90+ year history of technical innovations that have evolved to keep pace and address our customer's most pressing business issues. We make equipment, software, and systems that help to plan, deploy, certify, monitor, and optimize all kinds of networks - like those for mobile phones, service providers, large businesses and data centers. VIAVI is also a leader in high performance thin film optical coatings and engineered diffusers, providing light management solutions to anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, automotive, defense and instrumentation markets.

We are the people behind the products that help keep the world connected at home, school, work, at play, and everywhere in between. VIAVI employees are fierce about supporting customer success and we welcome people who bring their best every day to the company - to question, to collaborate and to push for solutions that will delight our customers.

Electro-Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Technician:

E/M Technicians assigned to On-Duty status are primarily responsible for safely improving and sustaining manufacturing equipment conditions to support expected machine uptime in terms of availability.  The On-Duty Equipment Maintenance Technician is also responsible for responding to service requests and is effective and efficient in safely restoring manufacturing capability when unexpected interruptions or malfunctions occur.  The On-Duty Equipment Maintenance Technician will investigate and seek to discover causes for loss of functionality and take action to avoid them in the future.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Serves as the On-Duty equipment technical expert to the Manufacturing Shift Manager or other responsible production personnel.   
  • Completes tasks in accordance with the Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Charter.   With special emphasis on being fit for duty and assuring that no activity takes place that is considered by the incumbent to be unsafe. 
  • Works a shift schedule which follows closely with the Manufacturing Production Schedule to maintain teaming interactions.  General workday shift assignments are generally 12-hours, beginning and/or ending at 06:00 or 18:00.  There is a day and night shift assignment, each 24-hour period.  The standard pay period consists of 2-work weeks, with one week consisting of 3 or 4 workday periods, and the second work week consisting of 4 or 3 workday periods.  The E/M Technician must be "shift flexible".  To be shift flexible means that the incumbent must be able to work any assigned day or night shift and any grouping of a 3-4 day per work week schedule.  8-hour shifts, Monday through Friday or over weekend days may also be assigned.  
  • Groups of On-Duty E/M Technicians are assigned to areas and assigned to a Maintenance Team Leader.  
  • At the beginning of a shift both the on coming On-Duty E/M Technicians and the off going On-Duty E/M Technicians will attend and conduct a shift "turnover".  Being on time is important to facilitate communication during this "turnover" effort.  All log entries shall be up to date before shift turnover.   
  • Continuously monitor the performance and know the operational status of the manufacturing equipment and the plant support systems within the area of responsibility to avoid equipment stoppages, slow downs, or product loss because of an equipment malfunction. 
  • When unexpected interruptions or SHE incidents occur because of equipment malfunctions the On-Duty E/M Technician is responsible for investigating the reason for the interruption, with the incumbent being the lead investigator. 
  • With the reason(s) for the equipment malfunction understood, then completes or plans mitigating actions to restore function.  These actions include but are not limited to initiating hardware or software modification, initiating a periodic maintenance activity, or changing the methods used or the tools applied or the established procedures or operational approaches or some combination of all of these. 
  • Is responsible for assuring the timely and proper completion of any scheduled and/or unexpected maintenance work on the assigned shift and in the assigned area no matter who is doing the work. 
  • Records or assures that recording occurs for all work done by anyone on or to manufacturing equipment and plant support systems on the assigned shift and in the assigned area.  
  • Reports daily on equipment performance and the reasons for interruption and malfunction and actions taken.

Job Duties & Responsibilities For New Equipment/Mods:

  • Participates in design reviews and hazard assessments with special emphasis on maintainability and serviceability.

Job Duties/responsibilities for Department Infrastructure

  • Assures that all spaces and facilities assigned to the maintenance activity within the area of responsibility are kept consistently organized and clean. 
    Assures that all materials consumed are reported and the items low on stock are flagged.  

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Education Requirements:

  • For an On Duty E/M Technician to be able to safely perform work on electrical, electronics and mechanical manufacturing systems the incumbent must have successful completed formal course work in the following skills.  An Associate of Science degree in Electronics or equivalent is required.  A technical review board will evaluate equivalency.  A formal certificate or certificate of completion demonstrating at least one year of in-class education in any area of mechanical application such as machining, refrigeration, diesel mechanics, hydraulics, welding etc. Five years of successful on-site production maintenance experience can be substituted for the mechanical education requirement.  


  • Minimum of two years maintenance experience in a manufacturing environment. 
  • No amount of experience can be substituted for the Electronics/Electrical education requirement. 

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Ability to self learn and understand complex machinery.  
  • Deep understanding of basic equipment technology such as but not limited to knowledge of weights and measures, practical mathematics especially SPC, strength of materials, fundamentals of heat transfer, basic electricity, bearings, seals, gears, cams, links, chain, belts, fasteners, hydraulics, pumps, piping, pressure, flow, tanks, diesels and gas engines, compressors and fans, refrigeration, air conditioning, lubrication, insulation, motors, contactors, controllers, power supplies, and programmable logic controllers. 
  • Ability to use computers and common software 
  • Ability to clearly communicate verbally or in writing. 
  • A technical understanding of High Vacuum Thin Film Coating equipment is preferred.  

Shop Tools & Equipment:

  • Able to use a large variety of common mechanical hand and power tools.
  • Able to operate test and measurement equipment such as Helium Leak Checkers,
  • VOM's, RGA's, power supplies, frequency generators, mikes, calipers, pressure gages, mass flow gages, etc. 
  • Able to use fabrication equipment such as drill presses, grinders, welders, etc.  

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to consistently deliver the hours required to do the job.
  • Must be shift and time flexible.
  • Exposure to hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
  • Exposure to coating material dust which necessitates dust masks or breathing apparatus and protective clothing.
  • Moderate lifting and pushing/pulling of equipment.


  • Continuous technical evaluation, originality, or ingenuity is required.  Typically exercises decision making skills or judgment calls.

EDS Competencies:

  • Properly prepares, handles, manages, and inspects hazardous waste generated through maintenance activities.
  • Consistently maintain a safe work area. Tools and instruments are cleaned and put away.  Materials are disposed of correctly. 
  • Follow all safety regulations.  Carry out all safety behaviors such as considering what happens when you power down and lock out something or calling out before you move or operate something.    
  • Actively contribute to workplace safety. 
  • Place the safety of co-workers and self before other priorities. 

Initiative & Follow-Through:

  • Demonstrate the ability to think and act effectively. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to get going on important priorities. 
  • Overcome obstacles and take appropriate risks while moving toward objectives. 
  • Follow-up with self-motivated actions to complete works or projects. 
  • Find improved ways of getting results. 
  • Seek out and willingly accept increased responsibilities
    Motivate self to act.    


  • Work with others towards common objective while establishing and maintaining cooperative and productive work relationships. 
  • Contributed to the development of the equipment maintenance, manufacturing, and engineering team by sharing the technical observations and know-how that you have acquired about many machine systems. 
  • Offer helpful feedback like providing new techniques for installing equipment and demonstrating how to do that.  
  • Seek to build trust and respect.  


  • Respond willingly and positively to changes in procedures, technology, responsibility, co-workers, assignments, etc.     
  • Manage personal resistance and seek to understand changes rather than complain about them.  Instead of being resistant to change you are initiator of change.

Innovation & Creativity:

  • Offer suggestions constructively.
  • Originate new ideas or methods to improve job or complete assigned tasks.
  • Translate new ideas into workable solutions.
  • Encourage others to translate new ideas into workable solutions. 

Results Orientation:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality and excellence in work accomplished.  
  • Complete work assignments in an accurate and thorough manner. 
  • Produce work, which, at a minimum, meets standards. 
  • Seek new ways to continuously improve the quality of output.

During the rapidly changing Covid situation, VIAVI continues to monitor the situation to keep our employees safe.  We continue to adhere to CDC guidelines, strong safety protocols for sites performing essential duties, limiting travel to essential travel etc.  We rely on strong benefits programs to provide our employees with support for both their medical and emotional wellness during this difficult time.

The VIAVI leadership team strongly encourages all employees, current and new, to get fully vaccinated and boostered.

If you have what it takes to push boundaries and seize opportunities, apply to join our team today.

VIAVI Solutions is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer minorities/females/veterans/persons with disabilities.

    Pre-Requisites / Skills / Experience Requirements:

    Job Information

    • Job ID: 69560689
    • Workplace Type: On-Site
    • Location:
      Chandler, Arizona, United States
    • Company Name For Job: Viavi Solutions Inc.
    • Position Title: Equipment Maintenance Technician
    • Job Function: Business
    • Job Type: Full-Time
    • Min Education: None
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